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These are UNSCRIPTED funny plushie videos featuring stuffed animals as the characters.

Growler the plush polar bear is interviewing potential characters for his Plus YouTube channel Stuffed Productions. In this funny plush video, we meet Bongani the Plush Giraffe – he’s arrogant, self interested and always trying to steal the limelight – perfect for putting in awkward situations!

Things don’t quite go to plan when the tables are turned and Bongani starts questioning Growler and making various demands that are either impractical, impossible or just plain wrong!

Stuffed Productions is dedicated to producing high quality, funny plush animal videos utilizing Plushies / Plush Toys, Beanie Babies and soft toys as a medium through which to tell charming stories with hilarious twists.

We would love to hear what you think, any suggestions or critiques are welcomed so that we can continue to improve and update the videos that Growler and the gang produce.

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