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These are UNSCRIPTED funny plushie videos featuring stuffed animals as the characters.

Growler the plush polar bear is continuing his talent search, interviewing prospective candidates for the Plush Animal YouTube channel.

In this video Growler meets Celia the Seal Plush, but it soon becomes apparent that Celia isn’t quite what he expected! Celia demonstrates her singing talents, but is hampered by her lack of vocabulary. She only says Celia!

Stuffed Productions is dedicated to producing funny plushies videos utilising plushies / plush toys, beanie babies, teddy bears and other soft toys. But dont be fooled, this channel is definately not just for children and touches on a number of more
adult themes and topics, the humour can also be a little non PC at times too. You have been warned! Join Growler and friends on their many adventures, conflicts, rivalries and other hilarious hijinks.

High quality comedy plushie videos and entertainment through short plush sketches and episodic story based content, with the odd vlog thrown in for good measure. Growler hopes you enjoy it!

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