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These are UNSCRIPTED funny plushies videos featuring stuffed animals as the characters.

Stalin the Russian Meerkat comes to interview for the role of ‘evil villian’ in Growler’s new videos. All great shows need a bad guy to meddle, scheme and plot and after some initial questioning it becomes evident the Stalin is very ‘experienced’ in all things bad, evil and dubious. Stalin will stop at nothing to get what he wants – money, power and influence. Poor Growler experiences this first hand when Stalin excerts some infuence’ to assure his place on the show.

Stuffed Productions is a channel for funny stuffed animal videos created by Growler P. Bear and his band of stuffed animal actors. These short funny animal videos (or at least thats the intention) are created for a wide audience but do contain some more adult themes at times. The videos utilise plush / plushie animal toys but they are definately not just for kids. Subscribe and follow Growler, Bongani, Celia, Peter, Stalin and the rest of the cast in their attempt to create and run a successful YouTube channel.

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