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Growler the polar bear plush is preparing for another day of interviews for his Plush YouTube Channel when he gets an unexpected call from Reverend Rumpet (the Heffalump Plush/ Elephant). It quickly becomes clear that Rumpet isn’t here for an interview, he’s on a mission to spread the word of God and wants to talk all things Jesus Christ, Growler is not amused.
Being the polite polar bear, Growler is open to listening but it becomes apparent that the reverend has a rather dubious side.. he seems to be obsessed with money, constantly asking for a ‘donation’ to his cause and even invites Growler to join his ‘Diamond Mining Operation’ in Africa.

Growler quickly gets tired of Rumpets preaching but he just wont go away, at least not without a donation! Growler suggests he join the channel – big mistake, Rumpet immediatley tried to hijack the video for his own gains offering the viewers one of his ‘blood diamonds’ in exchange for a ‘donation’. Lets just say it doesnt end well for poor Growler!

This video involves religious humour and satire relating to faith, christianity and religion as a whole, this is not intended to offend anyone and we are not trying to mock peoples beliefs, this is work of fiction and should be taken as the humorous, funny video its intended to be.

Stuffed Productions creates funny stuffed animal videos created by Growler P. Bear and his band of stuffed animal actors. These short funny animal videos (or at least thats the intention) are created for a wide audience but do contain some more adult themes at times. The videos utilise plush toys / plushie toys, stuffed animals, but these funny animal videos are definately not just for kids. Subscribe and follow Growler, Bongani, Celia, Peter, Stalin, Big Ted, Fred, Rumpet and the rest of the cast in their attempt to create and run a successful YouTube channel.

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