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These are UNSCRIPTED funny plush videos featuring stuffed animals as the characters.


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Fred wants to go out to the park and play but his overprotective, paranoid father wont let him as its ‘far too dangerous’. However nothing can put Fred off as he continues to reel off suggestions for exciting things they could do together, but Big Ted doesn’t like any of them. A hilarious interaction ensues as Fred tries to find SOMETHING to do that his father will approve of.

Stuffed Productions creates funny stuffed animal videos created by Growler P. Bear and his band of stuffed animal actors. These short funny animal videos (or at least thats the intention) are created for a wide audience but do contain some more adult themes at times. The videos utilise plush toys / plushie toys, stuffed animals, but these funny animal videos are definitely not just for kids. Subscribe and follow Growler, Bongani, Celia, Peter, Stalin, Rumpet and the rest of the cast in their attempt to create and run a successful YouTube channel.

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