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BONGANI WANTS A SLAVE / ‘VOLUNTEER’ – Funny Stuffed Animal Videos

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Bongani is looking for a ‘Personal Assistant’ to do EVERYTHING he wants – and he means EVERYTHING! Growler doesn’t approve as he thinks it sounds more like a slave and has previously told him that its very unethical! This wont stop Bongani and he waits for the perfect opportunity to get what he wants – so when Growler calls a break in shooting Bongani sees an opportunity to strike. He takes over the interview process and meets the personal assistant of his dreams – Miles the servile spider monkey. Bongani cant believe his luck, Miles ticks all the boxes for the perfect ‘volunteer‘ although he’s a little too willing to do ANYTHING asked of him. Bongani’s dreams are left in pieces when he discovers Miles already has an employer – Mr Julian, a rather eccentric lemur who likes nothing more than partying, dancing and everything fun! The relationship between Miles and Julian seems a little odd, but Bongani persists in trying to sway Miles to his agenda. A hilarious, slightly riskay exchange ensues.

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