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A VERY STRANGE RELATIONSHIP – Miles + Julian InterviewFunny Stuffed Animal Videos

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Video Description:
After a strange interview with Bongani for his ‘Volunteer’ Julian and his faithful manservant Miles return for their proper interview, this time without Bongani’s meddling! Growler still needs a few extra characters for the channel and these two seem suitably weird! Growler is expecting Julian but when an unassuming Miles turns up in the interview room Growler is a little confused. Miles tells Growler that Julian has a rather ‘sensitive ego’ and asks that he give Miles the news on whether Julian has the job so that he can ‘let him down gently’ if its bad news. Growler agrees and the interview commences in regular fashion, however it soon becomes clear that the relationship between Julian and Miles is a little ‘weird’. Its not clear whether their relationship is professional, personal or even intimate! But there are a lot of odd references and the conversation wanders to some rather riskay topics. It turns out that Miles and Julian met during the war – Julian the commanding officer and Miles his faithful second in command. Their experiences drew them closer together, creating a bond that will last a lifetime and others may not understand. It appears that Miles will do absolutely anything for Mr Julian, and he really means ANYTHING. On the whole the interview goes rather well, although Miles does keep speaking for Julian which begins to bug Growler a little! After a show of some dubious singing abilities the interview is drawn to a close, another two characters for the show!

This video contains some adult humor, the videos are supposed to be taken in a light hearted manner and are supposed to be funny videos! We mean no offence.

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