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FUNDRAISING FOR STUFFED PRODUCTIONS? with Reverend Rumpet – Funny Stuffed Animal Videos
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Video Description:
Growler asks Reverend Rumpet to spearhead a new Fundraising initiative for Stuffed Productions, he’s heard that Rumpet has a lot of experience in fundraising for many of his causes and asks him if he will turn those talents toward securing some funding toward the channel. Rumpet is more than happy to help and is eager to get started right away, but Growler makes sure to point out he wants no money from any ‘Diamond Mines’ (see ‘Reverend Rumpet Needs A Donation’ for reference). However he says nothing about Bank Fraud or Computer Scams!!

Once Growler is gone Rumpet gets to work ‘fundraising’ (scamming) through some familiar techniques – He calls one gentleman claiming to be ‘from the bank’ in order to obtain his personal information to ‘check against the records’ and then another unsuspecting victim claiming to be from ‘The Microsofting Company’. He tells her she has a Wirus and that he will need to go into her computer to clean out the wirus with virus cleaner. All the while Growler is unaware his channel will soon be funded by dirty money… Will Rumpet get away with it?

This video contains some adult humor, the videos are supposed to be taken in a light hearted manner and are supposed to be funny videos! We mean no offence.

Stuffed Productions creates funny stuffed animal videos created by Growler P. Bear and his band of stuffed animal actors. These short funny animal videos (or at least thats the intention) are created for a wide audience but do contain some more adult themes at times. The videos utilise plush toys / plushie toys, stuffed animals, but these funny animal videos are definitely not just for kids. Subscribe and follow Growler the Polar Bear, Bongani the giraffe, Celia the Seal, Posh Peter the hedgehog, Stalin the evil meerkat, Reverend Rumpet the elephant and the rest of the cast in their attempt to create and run a successful YouTube channel and the issues, conflicts and hilarious interactions that ensue.

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