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Video Description:
Its first proper production from Growler and the cast at Stuffed Productions – To kick things off Growler has chosen a classic work by Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet. We join Growler, Peter (Romeo) and Celia (Juliet) as they begin rehearsing the script, today is the classic balcony scene with the famous lines ‘Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?’ a rich and complex scene for the actors to get stuck into… but as you can imagine, things dont quite go to plan. Celia is distracted throughout the rehearsal, but theres an even bigger issue, she hardly says any words other than ‘Celia’ so getting her to deliver Juliet’s famous lines becomes quite the task. They work to adjust the script in a way that will allow the somewhat ‘limited’ cast to perform this famous scene from Romeo and Juliet although it ends up being quite far from Shakespeare’s original script…

This video contains some adult humor, the videos are supposed to be taken in a light hearted manner and are supposed to be funny videos! We mean no offence.

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