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#FOOTBALL – With Reverend Rumpet (Calling Donald #Trump)

Video Description:
In the last episode Stalin found the company phone left unattended on the set, and of course he couldnt help himself but conduct some evil deeds with it.. after calling and blackmailing #DonaldTrump, Stalin left the phone where he found it… but now it looks like someone else has come across it too! Rumpet finds the phone and notices an unusual number in the phones call list, he decides to call it and see who it is… Rumpet soon realises he’s on the phone with the president of the united states, Donald Trump. Of course Rumpet is quick to think up a scheme where he can take advantage of this unexpected situation and tries one of his classic computer scams… whats worse, its not any old computer that Rumpet has hacked into, its The Football, the briefcase sized computer that holds the launch codes to America’s nuclear missiles…!!

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