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TED BROKE THE INTERNET!!!! Offline – Big Ted + Fred by Stuffed Productions

Video Description:
You may have noticed we havent uploaded at all this week… well now you get to see why! Ted broke the internet and we havent been able to get online since! Luckily Bongani was able to sort out a solution (that you’ll see in the next video!) so make sure you subscribed and you have notifications turned on so you can keep up with whats happening here at Stuffed Productions.

Ted is not happy with Fred’s recent use of the internet, in a previous video it came to light that Fred has been talking to a number of ’40 year old men’ on Facebook, without Ted’s knowledge! He’s also been caught chatting to subscribers in the comments of the Stuffed Productions YouTube channel, in particular a man named Ross who offered to adopt Freddy after seeing some of the interations between Ted and Fred. Of courser Big Ted is not at all happy about this, in fact he’s quite hurt and upset! Freddy’s behavior is getting out of control and poor Ted doesnt really know how to handle the situation! And of course, in Big Ted style, he takes a very extreme approach to censorship and parental controls.

So his answer to the problem? Break the internet! Then no one can talk to 40 year old men or YouTube subscribers… but thats the problem! NO ONE can use the internet… And Big Ted clearly hasnt thought through the potential consequences to everyone else who uses the internet too! Mr Rumpet and Stalin end up bearing the brunt of Ted’s extreme actions. Mr Rumpet is in the process of making and selling various investments in the stock market, but the internet going down has dire consequences when the market starts crashing and the stock price drops through the floor!

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