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INTERNET CENSORSHIP??? ‘Russian Assistance’ by Stuffed Productions

Video Description:
Bongani is trying to deal with the fallout of Big Ted’s decision to disable the internet in order to protect his son from ‘Strange Men’ and as an attempt to punish Freddy for his recent, irresponsible online behavior. However Ted clearly didnt think about how his actions might effect everyone else in the house and now Bongani is panicking that the next video wont be able to go up, unless he finds a solution…Fast!

Luckily Stalin is on hand with a solution as always… Bongani doesnt seem to have caught on that Stalin is always up to no good! Stalin arrives and notices Bongani is worrying about the internet, he tells Bongani that he has a number of overseas contacts in China who could help with the internet problem. He tells Bongani he has some close contacts at a company called ‘ChinaNet’ who will be able to have the internet back up and running by the end of the day!

Bongani seems a little suspicious but his lazyness overrides common sense and he agrees that Stalin should do whatever necessary to get the internet back up and running.

Later that day Bongani is feeling very pleased with himself, he’s taken action to resolve a problem and everything seems to have worked out for the best! That is until he decideds to go online to order some leaves for everyone to eat on the next shoot (Bongani seems to think everyone likes leaves!) when he discovers a major flaw in the solution provided by Stalin…. The internet is completely censored… it must have come directly from the Chinese government! Poor Bongani’s leaf search is immediately censored! And when Celia decides to go online to look at her favorite fish, the same thing happens to her too!

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