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LUCKY NUMBER 7 by Stuffed Productions |Playing the lottery! so many Lottery Tickets!!

Video Description:
Bongani is relieved that the internet is finally back up and running, he’s finally having a moment off when Mr Rumpet arrives to deliver the money he has raised for Stuffed Productions during his recent ‘fundraising’ efforts. Bongani is very impressed with the $500 that Mr Rumpet presents to him… little does he know that Rumpet originally had raised well over $250,000 through a variety of unscrupulous and illegal means. Greedy Rumpet then decided to put ALL of the money into a high risk investment… it rose to a million dollars!!! and then dropped like a stone! Leaving Rumpet with a measly $700 left from his previous wealth.

Rumpet tells Bongani he tried to get more but it just wasnt possible. Of course, none-the-wiser Bongani thinks $500 dollars is fantastic and thanks Rumpet for all his hardwork! He asks how the money was raised… Rumpet tells him that he’s been using telesales and cold calling to raise the funds, to which Bongani scoffs and refers to as ‘rather 90’s’. Bongani suggests that Rumpet should try some more up to date techniques, in particular he suggests that Rumpet could start his own shopping channel and become the QVC of YouTube! Rumpet thinks its a fantastic ideas and goes off to do some further research on the subject. He leaves Bongani with the $500 to spend as needed…

Left to his own devices Bongani starts to think about how he should use the money… He wants to be sensible… now, what do sensible people do with money? Oh thats right! They Invest it! And thats exactly what Bongani does! He takes the $500 and ‘invests’ it into what he believes is a fool proof plan… The Lottery!!

Thats right, Bongani’s sound and sensible investment plan is to purchase as many lottery tickets as he can for $500 dollars… because ‘with that many tickets he cant lose!’. We rejoin Bongani after he’s purchased his lottery tickets and is waiting to hear the results live on the radio. He is literally surrounded by lottery tickets. Just before the Lottery draw begins he has quick check over all of the tickets and discovers the only number he doesnt have is seven 7. So as long as seven (7) doesnt come up he’s sure to win something playing the lottery! The lottery draw begins and the first number is called out… and, its a 7! Oh no! Now whats Bongani going to do? Growler will be very annoyed if he’s lost the fundraising money… especially if he finds out it was lost playing the lottery! Will Growler find out? Will Bongani find a way to replace the lost money? Subscribe and ensure you get every episode from Stuffed Productions!

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