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THE BEST DEALS ON THE WEB!! – Rumpet’s Online Shopping Channel! – Web Series

Should we make a website for Rumpet’s shopping channel? Where we will actually list the products?

Video Description:
Reverend Rumpet is back! With his new Online Shopping Channel! Buy-It With Rumpet! Rumpet has gathered a variety of exciting one of a kind products he think you might be interested in buying!

After losing all of the stuffed productions fundraising money to a rather poor investment decision, Rumpet has taken the advice of Bongani and has brought some more modern techniques into his fundraising arsenal. In our previous episode ‘Lucky Number 7’ Bongani suggested that Rumpet should try an online shopping channel and that he could become the ‘QVC of YouTube’! The thought of being anywhere near as monumentally successful as QVC got Rumpet’s juices flowing and he ran off to do more research.. and this is the result! Rumpet’s new shopping channel!

This time Rumpet has the following items for sale in his mega deals:

An amazing deal of ‘Ice from the Iceberg that sank the Titanic‘ that you can purchase online now for only £50,000! Have you ever seen such an item on any other shopping channel??

A great deal on a one of a kind 16GB Toshiba USB Memory Stick *Includes some nice pictures of some cats and some dogs – Limited time offer

An incredible online only deal on the ‘INFINITY’ VR Headset – The latest in Virtual Realitings Technologings… Available only through Rumpet’s online shopping channel! Other shopping channels might have similar products, but with Rumpet you are guaranteed to get genuinely average product!

And Finally a deal on… well not even Rumpet’s sure, how it got picked for the shopping channel in the first place is quite a mystery…lol! A snake torch? A torch snake? Whatever it is Rumpet will give you a great deal on it anyway!

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