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WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?? – Chinese Whispers by Stuffed Productions – Plush Animal Videos – Web Series

Video Description:
After the ‘success’ of our GH5 Review video Bongani the plush Giraffe has decided we should do another, this time a review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone. However, he doesnt want to go to the bother of having to order it himself! He decides to ask Growler to order the phone instead, but again he’s too lazy to go and find him! Instead he asks Miles (although clearly stressed and already with a huge list of tasks to do) to relay a message to Growler and ensure he orders the phone. Miles of course agrees and goes off to deliver the message… Although somewhere along the way the message gets confused and no one orders the phone!! Disaster!!! What are we going to do???

Luckily Bongani is the Master of Disaster! He’s had so much experience dealing with all of the recent problems, whats another Disaster to deal with?

Stuffed Productions is a comedy web series based around Plushies / Plush Animals / Plush Toys. We take inspiration from both film and television including shows such as South Park and The Last Man On Earth. The videos focus on character based, visual and dialogue driven comedy using Plushies as the characters.

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