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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Nokia 2700c – Mobile Phone Comparison – The Most Awesome Review Show Ever!

Its my second review! Although this time I’m comparing the amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 with the Nokia 2700c! Thats right, Im comparing the incredible, NEW, Samsung S8 with a Nokia handset that I found in the cupboard…(from 2009!)

Hosted by me, Bongani (World’s Biggest and Greatest Giraffe) and soon to be world famous reviewer, in this video I take you on an amazing journey comparing these two iconic mobile phones! The Galaxy S8 is a great example of a current, popular smartphone that is still relatively affordable for most people, I’ll be comparing the S8 to a similarly positioned handset from a decade ago! You’ll be amazed to see how much phones have changed over the last ten years!

Sit back, relax and enjoy my informative, very engaging, thorough and in depth review/ comparison of these two mobile phones.

Here’s a brief overview if your too lazy to watch the video…

The Nokia 2700c is a relic of times past that should be… well it should be put in a museum where no one has to use it! The Nokia only has a 400Mhz Processor compared to the 4 Core 2.35 Ghz Processor that runs the Samsung Galaxy S8. It also sports a 3000 Mah battery compared to the 1020Mah Battery in the Nokia… However! The Nokia actually has a stand-by time of 299 hours!! Thats a massive difference compared to the Galaxy S8!

The Nokia also comes with Google Maps 2.3! And Facebook ‘Lite’… Its not like any Facebook Ive ever seen before… Other features include FM Radio and 2 Games!

So in conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an incredible smartphone with some amazing features… The Nokia on the other hand… well im not really sure why it exists… its stupid! No Instagram?? And that camera! AWFUL!!

So you better leave a like, because.. well you know you liked it! Of course you did. Its brilliant…. my best work yet!

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Oh also if you have any questions about the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Nokia 2700c then please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to use my expert knowledge to help you out!

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