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GIVING WHISKY TO A CHILD? Extreme Punishment! Some seriously bad parenting! – #Comedy #WebSeries #lol #Whisky #Drinking #Punishment #TeddyBear #Teddy #Bear #Scottish #extreme #funny #laugh #child

Video Description:
Fred has been acting out and Big Ted is sick of it! In a previous episode ‘Scottish Hospitality’ Little Fred met Hamish the Scottish bear, a stranger who wandered into the Stuffed Productions Studio!
Hamish told little Freddie all about ‘the good things in life’ – including getting drunk, smoking and having a good old fashioned bar fight! Freddie has lived much of his life under the over protective and paranoid eye of Big Ted – who wont let him do anything! So Fred was quick to take up Hamish on his offer when he suggested going to the Pub to introduce him to some of these pleasures of life that he’s been missing out on.

We join Hamish and Freddie as they return from the Pub, however, they arent expecting to find Big Ted waiting for them!! And he is NOT happy! Freddie prepares himself for an earful from Big Ted, but, it doesnt come. Instead Big Ted has devised the perfect punishment…. Next to Big Ted is a decanter full to the brim with Whiskey and a measure poured into a glass beside it. The punishment – they must drink the ENTIRE bottle of Whiskey! Big Ted wants to show Fred the downside of being drunk and whats worse than an awful hangover?? (Seems like pretty bad parenting!) But should he really be getting his child drunk? Giving Whisky to a child is usually frowned upon! He also hasnt taken into consideration the fact that Hamish is Scottish Drinking Champion! lol

The next morning Hamish is gone and its clear the extreme punishment has worked… perhaps a little too well! Both Ted and Fred are extremely hung over… but Freddy seems to be much more affected! Fred wakes up and almost immediately begins to throw up the huge volume of Whiskey that he and Hamish drunk the night before Lol! The little bear continues to eject huge volumes of sick as Ted attempts to help him (although he is also being sick and is extremely hung over!). There is so much sick and thrown up Whisky everywhere that Fred almost falls over! Lol!! Freddy has definately learnt his lesson… and so has Big Ted! Dont get children drunk and dont give whisky to a child! Extreme punishments also might not be the answer! Ted always has his heart in the right place but he always seems to get it wrong, its not just bad parenting…honest!

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