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BRIBERY?! – Peter Gets His Own Show! – Funny Animal Videos

Video Description:
In a previous episode Bongani told Peter that if he ‘wanted anything’ then all he had to do was ‘Greese The Wheels A Bit’ wink wink. It appears Peter has made good on his promise and has turned up with a huge bag of money in order to Bribe Bongani!

Bongani arrives to find the huge bag of money and also Gary perched precariously on the top of the bag… Soon it becomes clear that Peter wants his own show! He hasnt had as much air time as some of the other characters and so he hopes to bribe Bongani into giving him his own Politics Show?? Posh Peter’s Politics! Bongani of course is more than happy to take the money, but Gary keeps butting in and getting in the way… before long Peter has had quite enough of Gary and abruptly leaves!

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