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Hamish Tried To Seduce Celia! – BRIAN wasnt happy!

Video Description:
Celia the seal is playing with her ball one evening when she bumps into Hamish, The Scottish Bear… If youve seen any of our previous videos you will know that Hamish is trouble! He likes nothing more than a good hard drink, and has already got into trouble when he was caught taking little Freddy to the pub to show him the ‘finer things in life’ (drinking, smoking and fighting!).

Now Hamish has a new target in his sites – lovely young Celia the Seal!! Celia is more than happy playing with her ball when drunk Hamish comes wandering in. He immediately tries to start up a conversation with the ‘pretty lassy’ but Celia is more interested in her ball! Hamish isnt put off and persists in trying to seduce Celia. He tells her that big girls dont like balls, they like drinking – Wine, Champagne and Beer! The only drink Celia likes is Milk!

Soon it becomes clear to Hamish that luring Celia to the pub so he can seduce her isnt going to work. But he has another plan… He returns with a very special bottle of beer – Celia Beer!! How can Celia resist a drink with her name on it??

Celia glugs down the beer… and for a moment nothing happens… just a little burp. But suddenly a huge deep burp emanates from the little seal and her demeanor changes.. Brian has arrived!!

Celia’s voice is becomes incredibly deep and she starts saying ‘Brian’ instead of ‘Celia’. Brian turns on Hamish, scolding him for trying to seduce the helpless seal! Brian turns the tables on Hamish and starts beating him with his tale! Hamish scarpers off in shock at what happened.

Another burp and Celia returns back to her sweet lovely self!

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