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Video Description:
Bongani has been ‘chairman’ at Stuffed Productions for quite some time now, after staging a coup against Growler and stealing the role out from under him. Growler has been biding his time waiting for Bongani to dig his own grave… but somehow Bongani is just about holding things together… although he’s made quite a few questionable decisions lately; Spending all the channel’s money on the lottery, signing the company up for loans with huge interest rates, taking bribes from cast members in exchange for their own shows (Peter) and not to mention the issues with the Internet!

Growler has just about had enough of Bongani‘s antics. We join Growler as he arrives to confront Bongani over yet another ‘discrepancy’ that has come to light… Someone has been spending huge amounts of company money on a Holiday Resort called Centre Parcs. Of course Bongani has no knowledge of any transactions or anything to do with this ‘Centre Parcs’. But Growler is ready for Bongani‘s slippery ways and has brought evidence to back up his points… Someone has booked 11 people into a ‘shack’ for the 4 nights of the holiday, where as there is one luxury cabin with sauna and leafy garden reserved for one member of the cast… with the initial B…

Bongani cant keep the charade up for too long and soon Growler gets the truth… Bongani has booked all sorts of additional luxuries and relaxing activities for himself… due to high levels of stress caused by his role as Chairman.

But it appears the power has gone to the little Giraffes head and he lords his position over Growler, intentionally winding him up.

Someone has to stop Bongani, or at least teach him a lesson!

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