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► – Bongani the DICTATOR – Team Building Holiday ‘Surprise’ – Comedy Web Series

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Video Description:
Bongani is looking forward to the ‘team building’ trip he has booked for the Stuffed Productions team to Center Parcs (A holiday resort). However the role of chairman has started to go to his head and he’s been making a lot of poor decisions! But, it appears he’s here to stay… or is he?

While Bongani is musing over what he will do on his holiday he’s startled by the appearance of XiaoMao, the red panda. XiaoMao appeared in a previous episode where she equally startled Growler with her unexpected, dramatic appearance. She has come to stay, an agreement made with Growler on her previous visit… but of course Bongani has a few things to say on the matter!

Bongani is rude and obnoxious toward the unexpected visitor, dismissing everything she says and aggressively questioning her motives and intentions. Soon Bongani has decided she must be a Genie!? And of course, he wants some wishes!

XiaoMao plays along with Bongani’s scheme, letting him think he’s got her fooled. She gives him 3 wishes, like in all the other genie stories… 3 wishes that he must use wisely. XiaoMao tries to bait Bongani into using his wishes in a way that will back fire on him, but Bongani is quick to respond. He tests the water a little with his first wish, a simple hat… a nice one, but still.. just a hat. XiaoMao makes it so and a hat appears out of thin air on Bongani’s head, delighted and less cautious Bongani is soon to let his greed begin to seep in… his next wish, Money.

He asks XiaoMao for $1000, but again, he’s careful to add his own caveats to the wish. And again, the wish is granted, money appears in front of Bongani.

For his final wish Bongani goes all out, throwing caution to the wind, but still being quite careful with his wording, He wants leaves! ALL THE LEAVES!!! But then in his excitement a sentence slips out… ‘Take me to the leaves’…’Right Now’

And so that’s what XiaoMao does.

Now Bongani is lost in the woods… Banished by XiaoMao to who knows where… All we know is he’s somewhere out there in the forest…

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