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►https://youtu.be/jwiT2Ssm008 CENTER PARCS HOLIDAY 2018! Holiday Vlog – Stuffed Animal Comedy Series

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Video Description:

It’s the second and final day of the Stuffed Productions holiday to Center Parcs, a holiday resort and activity center and Growler has decided to make a holiday vlog so he can show you what they got up to.

Firstly, they decide to get breakfast at the Pancake House. Celia the seal had a delicious blueberry pancake while Growler the polar bear had a chocolate pancake.

After breakfast, the stuffed animals decide to have a look around the sports plaza. Julian the lemur and Miles the monkey quickly get into a game of pool but Growler just can’t help but feel that Miles let Julian win.

At lunch, Growler and the gang decided to stop off at Las Iguanas for some Mexican food. Growler was then dragged by Celia to the gift shop where they found some more stuffed animals including Celia’s favourite Peppa Pig!

Growler manages to get away and has a nice relaxing time in the spa. Finally, to round off the holiday, the cast decide to go back to the lake and watch the boats go by.

What a fun time the cast had at Centre Parcs!

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