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Video Description:
It’s the second episode of Posh Peter’s Politics and this week Posh Peter the hedgehog is very concerned about an emerging threat that is infecting our society.

But what could this threat be? You might think after the trouble he had with the Russian Ambassador in the last episode that he’d be concerned with the Russians but no. This threat is more subtle but can now no longer be ignored.

Peter is talking about the rise of the Crumbum. Yes and according to Peter, they are threatening to rise up and ruin society as it is today. As a result, Peter has decided to “help” us by making a short guide to identifying Crumbums and then dealing with them.

First, Peter takes us through identifying Crumbums and shows us examples. First Peter, identifies a goth crumbum who wears makeup which he believes is inappropriate. Second, Peter then identifies a hippy crumbum where he takes issues with the crumbum using flowers as a hair accessory. Then Peter identifies a chav crumbum where Peter takes offence at his choice to wear a tracksuit on a non-sporting occasion.

While Peter finds goths, hippies and chavs very annoying, apparently they are also very easy to deal with and can just be ignored.

However, where Peter is more concerned is that there are now certain crumbums that have now risen into higher society. Peter profiles a couple of these Crumbums including James Corden, J.K Rowling and Jeremy Corbyn.

However, Peter then identifies the ringleader of these Crumbums who has managed to ascend themselves into the highest and most influential position in society. Of course he means President Donald Trump or Crump as Peter calls him.

Finally Peter goes on to explain that to stop the influence they have on our society, we need to stop watching their shows, reading their books and buying their crumbum merchandise.

* The views expressed in this video are of Posh Peter’s and not of Stuffed Productions

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