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Video Description:
Bongani the Giraffe is still lost in the wilderness after being banished there by XiaoMao the red panda. The little plush animal is now wandering the countryside lost, searching for a way back home.

We join Bongani after finally finding his way out of the deep dark forest, he found a small stable to bed down in overnight and is now eager to find a way back to Somerset (in England) and the warmth of the Stuffed Productions house.

He decides the best course of action is to find someone to give him some directions! So he sets off in search of anyone he can ask.

First he comes across a heard of cows… perhaps they know the way to Somerset? But it seems the cows dont speak English! And Bongani doesnt speak Moo! After a frustrating few minutes he decides to move on and find someone else to ask.

After walking a little further the little Giraffe stumbles upon a horse in a field! At last, a sensible animal that might actually be able to help! But the horse isnt at all interested in what Bongani has to say, in fact he’s a bit of ‘high horse’ … literally!

Bongani tries to get through the horse but he just wont listen and soon Bongani leaves, frustrated again..

He wanders further through the wilderness and then spots something in the sky above… a bird!!

But the Bird is too high in the sky and the wind is blowing a gale, everytime Bongani shouts something up at the bird it gets misheard… A Grouse? A Dome? A Drone? NO! HOME!!

Poor Bongani… Still wandering the countryside!

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