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Video Description:

After being banished to the woods by XiaoMao the Red Panda, Bongani the Giraffe has been trying to get back home. In a previous video, we saw Bongani asking different farm animals for directions back home. However, these farm animals weren’t helpful and now Bongani is no closer to home than he was before.

Bongani realises that if he’s going to get home, than he’s going to have to do it himself. With this new mindset, Bongani comes up with a number of different ideas to get him home.

Firstly, while in the middle of a storm, Bongani sees this as a great opportunity to fly back home. With this in mind, Bongani blows up a few balloons and makes himself a harness so that he can float fly home using the balloons. He’s so pleased that he’s going to be the first ever giraffe to fly, he even says some special words to mark this grand occasion. However, his confidence quickly disappears as he jumps off and plummets to the ground…

Still with the theme of flying, Bongani has now come up with a much better idea. Somehow Bongani has managed to find a fully working DJI Phantom 4 drone. Bongani plans to fly with the drone by tieing himself to it. Bongani presses the joystick to launch the drone into the sky and the string pulls Bongani up with it. However, it quickly becomes apparent this idea wasn’t really thought through. As soon as Bongani is off the ground, he can’t reach the controls anymore leaving Bongani completely stuck!

Bongani gives up on the idea of flying and instead tries sailing. Bongani finds an old bodyboard to sit on which he then plans to use to take him down a river. However, it becomes quickly apparent that Bongani is sailing in a tiny pond with no way out!

Finally, Bongani decides to try hitchhiking. Bongani comes to the side of a busy road hoping one of the passing cars will pick him up and take him home. Initially it doesn’t look promising, but suddenly a car pulls up beside him and the door opens. Hooray!

However, while it seems like Bongani’s prayers have been answered, once Bongani is in the car, things start to take a dark turn as the car suddenly pulls away. It suddenly seems that Bongani’s new friend is being very inappropriate with him. As the car leaves, the car doors are locked and Bongani appears to be trapped!

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However, finally we see the Stuffed Productions house and hear a car pulling up and Bongani getting out. Bongani is finally home! In the end, what seemed to be a very dangerous situation in the car turned out to be a very safe and efficient journey. In fact, Bongani seems to suggest that the stranger in the car was none other than Johnny Depp who apparently was method acting for his next movie role.


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