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Video Description:
Everything is back to normal now that Bongani the plush giraffe has finally found his way back to the house. Today he has decided to do a Q&A catch for all of his fans (we arent sure if actually has any though??). However, shortly after he begins recording he is interrupted by Growler the plush polar bear who wants to discuss a few things. He tells Bongani that in his absence he had no choice but to start looking for another Giraffe to take his place! Dont worry, he isnt going to replace Bongani, but he has already taken on a new giraffe and so tells Bongani that they will have to learn to get along and work together. In fact, he wants Bongani to include the new Giraffe in the video he is currently making.

Bongani of course isnt at all happy about this, he wants all of the spotlight to himself and certainly not another Giraffe to have to compete with! However Bongani’s complaints fall on deaf ears as Growler calls in the new plush Giraffe… Primani!

But wait! It turns out Bongani already knows Primani! They’re cousins!! However its also clear that Bongani is not at all pleased to see his younger and ‘more attractive cousin’ (not to mention how much taller his is!).

Bongani reluctantly agrees to let Primani co-star in the video and they set to work making it. Bongani starts answering some of the questions he has prepared with rather spectacular and incredible tales… meeting Patrick Steward, being the lead Giraffe in the Lion King and more!

However Bongani hasn’t taken into account that Primani knows what REALLY happened on each of these occasions…

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