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Video Description:

In the last video, Growler informed Bongani that he had interviewed for and hired a new giraffe called Primani after Bongani went missing.

In this video, we go back a few days to see what really happened during Primani’s interview with Growler. Growler first asks about his previous experience to which Primani says that he has worked on BBC Planet Earth and BBC Planet Earth Two!

Primani quickly lifts the lid on BBC Planet Earth and says it’s all fake! Apparently BBC Planet Earth and BBC Planet Earth 2 used the same cast and uses CGI! Primani even met the presenter of BBC Planet Earth, David Attenborough !

However, it then turns out Primani also worked on BBC Blue Planet, the aquatic nature show which is also fake! Primani played a conga eel in BBC Blue Planet and a blue whale was played by 400 dogs!

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