In this latest plush video from our British Comedy Series, Miles the monkey is terribly unwell! His good friend Julian tries to help, but things quickly fall apart when Julian turns out to be rather incompetent! Enjoy this plush short film on its own, or as part of our ongoing British comedy series.

00:00 – Miles is so unwell! – Plush Video Part 1
03:09 – Miles asks for a Banana – Plush Video Part 2
05:30 – Miles asks for a Cup Of Tea – Plush Video Part 3
07:49 – Miles asks for some Tablets – Plush Video Part 4

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A Friend In Needs A Friend Indeed! – British Comedy Series! (Puppet Show Videos!)

Poor Miles is so UNWELL! He’s developed an awful cough and is clearly very under the weather, but he’s such a hard worker and never knows when to take a break! Miles loves nothing more than looking after Julian, and is planning a trip to the shop to buy groceries when Julian finds him coughing and spluttering away. Julian suggests that Miles should take some time off and recover, but Miles is very resistant to the idea. Julian has to use some reverse psychology to trick Miles into agreeing to take things easy.

Julian decides that this time, things will be the other way around and Julian will instead look after Miles! It all sounds wonderful, but things quickly start to fall apart when Julian returns with a Bandana after Miles asks him for a Banana…

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Stuffed Productions is a British Comedy Series making stuffed animal videos using plushies as puppets/characters in the show. We produce two puppet show videos a week, with an ongoing story and lots of different plush characters. This British Comedy Show is created for an audience of 13+ but do contain some more adult themes at times, including politics.

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A Friend In Needs A Friend Indeed! – British Comedy Series! (Puppet Show Videos!)


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