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BONGANI WANTS YOU TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! – Funny Stuffed Animal Videos

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Bongani wants you to Like and Subscribe to the channel so that you can watch his ‘rise to stardom’… we arent quite as convinced but he’s definitely passionate. He thinks he’s going to be the next Brad Pitt and will soon be off to Hollywood, maybe you can help him get there?

A message from Bongani:
Have you liked and subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?
If not, why not?
I’m going to be the greatest actor in Hollywood and win so many academy awards. Just you wait and see.
This is just a stepping stone to my success.
So you better like and subscribe now, so you can get all of my videos in with my beautiful face.
Growler thinks he’s the star because he’s the producer but he’s wrong.
And I’m gonna leave him and all these animals behind for dust and I’m going to be the biggest star in the whole world.
So here’s the link. Click on it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll get to see all my videos with my beautiful face and my talented acting.
Just you wait and see. I’m going to be in Hollywood and I will thank you for it.
So subscribe right now. Go do it.
Thank you. Goodbye.

Stuffed Productions creates funny/”>funny stuffed animal videos created by Growler P. Bear and his band of stuffed animal actors. These short funny/”>funny animal videos (or at least thats the intention) are created for a wide audience but do contain some more adult themes at times. The videos utilise plush toys / plushie toys, stuffed animals, but these funny/”>funny animal videos are definitely not just for kids. Subscribe and follow Growler, Bongani, Celia, Peter, Stalin, Rumpet and the rest of the cast in their attempt to create and run a successful YouTube channel.

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