In response to the coronavirus (covid-19) crisis, Boris addresses the United Kingdom to inform the people how the UK government will respond to the ever escalating crisis.

Whilst this political comedy video is intended to be funny, Coronavirus (covid-19) is a very serious issue. We hope our video can provide a little comic relief in these unsettled and stressful times. Please consider donating to the charities supporting those suffering from the coronavirus (covid-19) or the subsequent upheaval and stresses it has caused across the world.

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Boris Addresses The Nation With Plans To Tackle Corvid-19 – FULL VIDEO

After the increase in coronavirus (covid-19) infections, UK Prime Minister Boris has decided to intervene and address the people of the UK to explain how their government will be responding to the coronavirus (covid-19)

Boris Johnson (The Horse) first decides to explain the contain phase and the steps they took to contain the coronavirus but concedes that it failed.
Then Boris explains that the UK is now at the delay phase and will be delaying doing anything at all to stop the coronavirus (covid-19) from spreading… However if that fails, then Boris Johnson explains that there are still more phases in place including the pause phase, the hold phase, the stall phase and the wait phase.

Bailing Out Virgin Atlantic
Boris then speaks with Richard Branson, regarding financial issues with Virgin Airlines. Richard needs a 7 billion pound bail out from the UK government in order to keep the airline afloat!

Panic Buying In The UK
Boris explains how by panic-buying, it is harming the supply chain. However, suddenly Boris has a thought and makes a phone call to his mummy and asks her to go on a ginormous shopping spree! Finally, Boris explains how in order to protect his mummy from the coronavirus, she will get her own £20 billion bunker to which Boris expains how there’s plenty of money to go around and nothing’s too expensive for his mummy.

Mass Gatherings And Social Distancing
Boris then bans all mass gatherings in the United Kingdom. He also asks everyone to enact strict social distancing measures, such as a self isolation and home quarantine in order to delay the spread of the coronavirus.

Is Boris Sick?
Boris also appears to have developed a cough… but he reassures the British public that he has been tested for coronavirus and it came back POSITIVE! He apparently believes that this means ‘its positive he doesnt have the coronavirus’, but we all know thats not true…

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