As coronavirus grips the UK, Boris speaks with Richard Branson regarding financial issues with Virgin Airlines. Richard needs a 7 billion pound bail out from the UK government in order to keep the airline afloat. With the 30 billion pound fund available to help with the current coronavirus crisis, Boris see’s no issue with giving some of this to his good friend Richard… especially if it means Boris gets to play with all of Mr Branson’s toys! It appears Boris has his priorities all wrong, he should be concentrating his efforts on the current corvid-19 crisis facing the UK, but he seems more interested in playing with his friends!

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Boris helps Richard Branson with a £7 Billion Bailout! – Parody – PART 2

After the increase in coronavirus (covid-19) infections, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (The Horse) has decided to intervene and address the people of the UK to explain how their government will be responding to the coronavirus (covid-19)

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