Stuffed Productions presents a brand new Chucky movie for 2020 – Chucky 4 starring Chucky from the slasher film franchise Child’s play! Will Growler be Chucky’s latest victim? Find out in this lovingly created Chucky fan made film!

00:00 – New Chucky Movie Opening
00:09 – Child’s Play killer Chucky finds his latest victim
00:37 – Chucky continues to watch and wait…
01:03 – The Child’s Play killer is ready to strike…
01:26 – Is Chucky trapping Growler?
02:13 – Chucky watches outside the bathroom door…
02:47 – Watch Out Growler!
03:06 – Has the Child’s Play Villain killed again?
03:33 – Has Chucky met his match?

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It’s late at night as Chucky watches his latest unsuspecting victim Growler getting ready for bed. Just like in the famous Chucky movies, Chucky is all too happy to watch and wait until the right time to strike. Suddenly Chucky follows Growler to the same door, ready to strike… But as Growler opens the door, Chucky is nowhere in sight…

Suddenly we find Growler in the bath enjoying his dramatic music. However, unbeknownst to Growler, The Child’s Play killer is now watching Growler outside the bathroom door. Suddenly Growler opens the door unaware that Chucky could be about to end his life… But again, Chucky is nowhere to be seen… Or is he?

We now find Growler ready for bed but just as he goes to turn off the light… SUDDENLY just like in the famous Child’s Play movies, Chucky appears and is ready to strike as Growler screams into the night…

However, as night turns to day, we suddenly find Chucky completely torn to shreds as it appears that Chucky has finally met his match!

We hope you enjoyed our Chucky fan made film we made for our Halloween Special 2020. Do let us know what you thought of our Chucky parody movie in the comments below.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Stuffed Productions!

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Stuffed Productions is a homemade Comedy Web Series (made like a televisions series) making parody videos similar to this Chucky parody movie using stuffed animals/toys/plushies. This DIY web series is created for an audience of 13+ but do contain some more adult themes at times.

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