Comedy Criminals Stalin & Hamish are plotting to hack the police in this Cartoon Villain Parody.

00:00 – Comedy Cartoon Villian Stalin explains his latest dastardly deed.
04:50 – Funny Bad Guy Stalin has another task for stupid henchman Hamish.
07:14 – Stalin tells Hamish how terrible it would be for the comedy cartoon criminals if the plan was to go wrong.
09:54 – Comedy criminal is caught painting???
12:00 – The comedy cartoon criminals receive a visit from the police!
15:15 – Comedy Cartoon Villain Stalin finally loses his patience
15:55 – Has stupid henchman Hamish finally given himself up to the police?

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Comedy Criminals Get Karma When Trying To Hack The Police – Meme Web Series

In this latest video from our Meme Web Series, Hamish the stupid henchman is called by funny villain Stalin to his evil lair.

In a style similar to a comedy cartoon villain, Stalin reveals he has a new dastardly scheme that he has called ‘Operation Swine Flu’. The bad guy explains that he has a USB stick with a virus which will hack the police computers allowing the criminals to do more dastardly schemes!

However, Stalin is already busy doing more funny bad guy deeds, so the comedy cartoon villain instructs his teddy bear henchman to send it to the police station!

However, Stalin then brings back another IDENTICAL USB stick for his henchman to send to a hacker to remove evidence of their comedy cartoon criminal deeds. However, Stalin is quick to address his stupid henchman’s concerns by showing him the labels he has added.

Will the comedy cartoon criminals finally be successful in their dastardly deeds or will they receive a healthy dose of karma?

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Comedy Bad Guys Hack The Police??? – Cartoon Villain Parody


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