Reverend Rumpet is back with his fake online shopping YouTube Channel, Buy It With Rumpet! This time, the online shopping scammer has new “treasures” to sell including a tape measure from ANIMATED TV character Bob The Builder!

01:16 – Bob The Builder’s Tape Measure?
03:49 – Gordon Ramsay’s Wooden Spoon?
08:18 – Retro Burner Phone

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Funny Online Shopping Scammer Is Selling Counterfeit Goods??? – Comedy Puppet Show

The hit comedy puppet show, Buy It With Rumpet is back! On today’s show, our online shopping scammer Reverend Rumpet has three different items available to buy from his fake online shopping YouTube Channel.

First, Rumpet presents a tape measure owned by ANIMATED TV character Bob The Builder! Rumpet then explains how he managed to get the tape measure on to his Plush YouTube Channel.

Secondly, Rumpet presents a wooden spoon that was used by Gordon Ramsey. However, according to our plush online shopping scammer, Gordon Ramsey didn’t just use this wooden spoon for cooking, he also used it to beat his chefs with as well.

The final item from the online shopping YouTube channel is a retro mobile phone from the 90s. Rumpet is quick to explain how it can be used as a burner phone for all sorts of online selling scams and that it’s available to buy from the online shopping YouTube Channel for absolutely nothing! What a great deal!

Tune in again soon to this funny plush series to see more items sold from Rumpet’s online shopping YouTube Channel.

Stuffed Productions is a British Comedy Series in the format of a comedy puppet show. We produce two funny stuffed animal videos a week, as part of our ongoing funny plush series as well as mini series like this fake online shopping YouTube channel video. These comedy plush videos are created for an audience of 13+ but do contain some more adult themes at times, including online selling scams.

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