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Video Description:

Bongani the Giraffe was a right pain in the neck all through 2018. First he wouldnt stop trying to steal the limelight from the rest of the cast, then he demanded he needed a ‘volunteer’ to help him out. But that was just the start of it, before long Bongani staged a coup against poor Growler and decided he was now the ‘Chairman’ of Stuffed Productions. However, this just led to even more problems, he took bribes, spent all the fundraising money on lottery tickets and then booked a ‘Team Building’ weekend for the Stuffed Productions cast… which turned out to be a grueling weekend for everyone else and a luxury holiday for Bongani! But it doesnt stop there! After booking the holiday he then disappeared!!!

But for once, his disappearance actually wasnt his own fault! Poor Bongani was banished to the wilderness by the Red Panda, XiaoMao after tirade of abuse and demands for ‘wishes’ (he decided the Panda was a Genie and should serve him). XiaoMao banished him to the lonely wilderness in order to teach him a lesson.

He spent several weeks alone, first finding himself in a dense forest, he tried all manner of schemes to get home, in one video he spoke to a multitude of animals trying to get directions.. that didnt go so well. Then he tried several flying contraptions… that didnt go well either… but eventually his efforts paid off. He managed to flag down a passing car and hitch hiked his way home… apparently Johnny Depp was driving!?

Now Bongani is back, but things have changed in his absence. And now Growler wants to set things straight.

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