Monty is back with a brand new episode of BBC Gardeners World 2020! In today’s episode, Monty gives us advice on how to look after your lawn in this Lawn Care Tips Video

00:00 – Introduction – How To Look After Your Lawn
01:01 – Keep The Lawn Hydrated – Lawn Care Tip One
02:20 – Feed The Lawn Nutrients – Lawn Care Tip Two
04:03 – Protect Lawn From Disease – Lawn Care Tip Three
06:46 – Now you know how to look after your lawn!

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How To Look after your Lawn With Monty! – BBC Gardeners World 2020 YouTube – Monty‘s Gardening Tips

BBC Gardeners World 2020 is back! In today’s episode, Monty has three gardening tips with regards to lawn care. In this lawn care tips video, Monty will tell you how to look after your lawn so it stays green and healthy!

For Monty‘s first tip on how to look after your lawn, Monty advises to keep the lawn hydrated. However, as it’s so hot, our gardening expert thinks that the lawn needs a refreshing ale!

Monty‘s second tip on how to look after your lawn is to feed the lawn to give it nutrients. Once again, though Monty thinks the lawn must get tired of being given the same sort of plant food over and over so Monty decides to give an exclusive gardening tip so Monty decides to make a sandwich!

Monty‘s last tip on how to look after your lawn is to give the lawn supplements to protect the lawn from disease and blight. But, why stop there? To ensure the lawn is properly cared for, Monty decides to give the lawn all sorts of medication. Monty even decides that the lawn needs hay fever tablets!

We hope that from this lawn care tips video you now know how to take care of your lawn. Join Monty again soon for more funny gardening tips on BBC Gardeners World 2020.

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How To Look After Your Lawn With Monty! – BBC Gardener’s World 2020 YouTube – Monty‘s Gardening Tips


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