To celebrate the second anniversary of Stuffed Productions, our founder Growler has decided to show you how we make plush videos for YouTube. From writing, filming, editing and finally publishing, Growler shows you through the whole process and the effort that goes into making our plush comedy videos.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our plush comedy YouTube channel over the past two years. We really appreciate it!

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Another comedy video, from our stuffed animal comedy web series! This indie web series is unfunded and created by the plush animal cast. We produce at least 3 comedy videos a month with a ranger of different comedy themes, interesting characters and a variety of formats. Our videos are part sitcom, part puppet show, with influences including South Park, Rik & Morty & Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We work really hard on our comedy web series, so we really appreciate every like, share or comment we receive!

How We Make Plush Videos For YouTube

It’s the second anniversary of our plush comedy YouTube channel and one of the questions we are often asked is how we make plush videos for YouTube?

To answer this question, we have decided to give you behind the scenes access to a plush video we made.

From coming up with the idea for the plush comedy video, Growler and his plush team will show you the whole process of how to make plush videos for YouTube from start to finish.

Growler and his plush animal team do a lot of hard work making the plush comedy YouTube videos, so please help them out by leaving a Like and Subscribing to the Stuffed Productions YouTube channel and hit the notification button for regular plush comedy videos and stuffed animal videos from our web series.

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