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Video Description:

Reverend D. Rumpet The Elephant (And Priest…) comes across what he thinks is another unwitting sucker that he can exploit through another of his devious scams. In this episode Rumpet finally meets his match when he runs into XiaoMao the Red Panda and Tibetan Monk. Rumpet cant contain his devious ways and on meeting the Panda immediately begins offering the Red Panda a ‘blessing’… where have we heard that before?? Rumpet tells the Panda a rather fantastical story about how he became ‘blessed’ by Jesus Christ and now uses his ‘holy appendage’ to touch people in their ‘special place’ and convert them to believers…. sounds a bit weird if you ask us. But XiaoMao see’s straight through the Purple Elephant and his empty promises, eventually leaving Rumpet flummoxed and down on his luck… but also a bit confused!

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