In this hilarious comedy video: Bongani misses a HUGE opportunity to become rich and famous when he becomes impatient with a foreign visitor. Bongani finds a stranger waiting for him in the house, but there appears to be a bit of a language barrier. The German visitor attempts to communicate a message of great importance to the little giraffe, but Bongani’s impatience and brash attitude leads to a huge opportunity being missed!

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Another comedy video, from our stuffed animal comedy web series! This indie web series is unfunded and created by the plush animal cast. We produce at least 3 comedy videos a month with a ranger of different comedy themes, interesting characters and a variety of formats. Our videos are part sitcom, part puppet show, with influences including South Park, Rik & Morty & Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We work really hard on our comedy web series, so we really appreciate every like, share or comment we receive!

S03E07 – Mine Farter – Bongani Gets Lost In Translation With A Stranger!

Bongani the giraffe is bold, brash and a little egotistical, one of many characters in the Stuffed Productions comedy web series. His self centered nature gets the better of him when he meets foreign stranger with a huge opportunity for him… After meeting the stranger in his house, Bongani is perplexed when the stranger starts speaking German to him. Unfamiliar with many foreign languages, Bongani is confused and finds himself completely lost in translation as the conversation evolves.

The stranger attempts to tell Bongani that he is a huge star in Germany, with many admirers and fans. However this is completely missed by Bongani as he doesn’t speak a word of German! Instead he gets distracted and confused by some of the German words that sounds similar to English ones! The stranger attempts to continue with their message and tells the Giraffe about a huge opportunity they have come to offer him. He is being invited to star in Germany’s biggest ever TV show! But again this is completely confused by the little giraffe.

Not realizing the stranger is foreign, the close minded little Giraffe begins to think the stranger might have some kind of ‘problems’ and asks the foreigner if they are speaking ‘gobbledygook’! This is of course, is very offensive to the stranger, who is a proud German. Things quickly take a turn for the worst but the little giraffe is none the wiser!

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