In this teddy bear video, Fred is excited to discover that Ted worked with Elon Musk & NASA! However, as usually happens in this British Comedy Series, the NASA job and the Elon Musk job wasn’t quite what it appears.

00:00 – Fred Asks Big Ted about his past Jobs
00:48 – Ted tells Freddy about his important role at the London 2012 Olympics!
04:08 – Ted worked for Elon Musk?! Does Elon Musk employ Teddy Bears now?
06:24 – Ted reveals the App that he worked on with Elon Musk
12:05 – Ted the NASA Teddy Bear? Are there really NASA Bears?!
16:43 – Fred Tells His Friends About Ted’s Jobs (working for Elon Musk and NASA)

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This indie web series is unfunded and created by the stuffed animal cast. We produce at least 3 comedy videos a month with a ranger of different comedy themes, interesting characters and a variety of formats. Our videos are part sitcom, part puppet show, with influences including South Park, Rik & Morty & Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We work really hard on our web series, so we really appreciate every like, share or comment we receive!

Ted had a job working with Elon Musk? And was the First NASA Teddy Bear! – Ted Movie

In the latest of the funny teddy bear videos, Fred is pleasantly surpised to find that Ted worked for NASA & for Elon Musk.

However, once Fred starts asking questions, Ted eventually explains that the Elon Musk job isn’t as exciting as Fred thought it was and that the teddy bear only spoke with Elon Musk once a quarter. But Fred is quickly excited again when Ted talks about his job with NASA and his time as a NASA teddy bear.

However, after the last debacle with the Elon Musk job, Fred decides to ask questions about Ted’s time as a NASA bear. However, when Ted reveals that unlike with the Elon Musk job, he was a key member of the NASA team, Fred is very excited to hear what he did as a NASA Bear. Unfortunately, Fred is left even more disapponted than the Elon Musk job when Ted reveals he was a head janitor for NASA!

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Stuffed Productions is a British Comedy Series making stuffed animal videos using teddy bears as puppets/characters in the hybrid television and puppet show. We produce two funny animal videos a month, with an ongoing story and lots of different plush characters. This British Comedy Series is created for an audience of 13+ but do contain some more adult themes at times, including politics.

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Ted had a job working with Elon Musk? And was the First NASA Teddy Bear! – Ted Movie


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