Have you ever wondered where Easter Eggs come from? Or how chocolate easter eggs are made? Also, why does the Easter Bunny deliver Easter Eggs each year? Bunnies dont lay eggs! Or do they?

In this latest episode in our comedy web series Freddy meets the Easter Bunny, who turns out to be very different than he had imagined! He also discovers the horrific truth about how chocolate Easter Eggs are made and where they ACTUALLY come from! But be warned, the horrific truth is worse than you can ever imagine!

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The HORRIFIC TRUTH about how chocolate EASTER EGGS are made

It’s Easter Day morning and Freddy the bear is very excited to get out into the garden and search for his chocolate Easter Eggs! However things take a strange turn when he finds the Easter Bunny in his garden. Fred soon discovers that the Easter Bunny isnt quite what he had expected, in fact, he’s a bit a dick! After catching the Easter Bunny smoking and drinking on his break, Freddy asks about his Easter Eggs and discovers that the Easter Bunny has actually run out of eggs! He also isnt in a hurry to get any more!

Of course, this news does nto go down well with the young bear, who promptly starts crying when he finds out he wont be getting an Easter Egg this year. The Easter Bunny doesnt seem to care but is soon worn down by the little bear’s percistance. The Bunny reluctantly agrees to get the bear some chocolate, but even that doesnt quite go to plan.

Things soon spiral out of control and the Easter Bunny finds himself showing the little bear how chocolate easter eggs are made. However its NOTHING like how Freddy has imagined! In fact, the secret is so horrific and potentially damaging to Easter as whole, the UK government has had to intervene and censor certain parts of this video!

When Freddy attempts to make his own chocolate easter egg, things REALLY dont go to plan!

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