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Video Description:

With Brexit all the rage in UK politics at the moment, Peter has decided to host a Brexit debate in today’s episode of Posh Peter’s Politics. The snobbish stuffed hedgehog makes it clear that he’s a Brexiteer who’s looking for no deal from the European Union.

Peter is expecting an easy ride in the debate as he has booked fellow Brexiteer Boris Johnson as his special guest. However, the debate starts off on the wrong foot when Boris Johnson is replaced at the last minute by Freddy the teddy bear!

Peter presses on and the debate over Brexit begins… Except actually Freddy has confused Brexit with breakfast and quickly lists his favourite breakfast treats. It quickly transpires Freddy has no idea what Brexit even is! However, Peter quickly sees an opportunity to educate Freddy on what Brexit REALLY is.

However, as Peter tries to explain to what Brexit he quickly finds the debate spiralling out of control as Freddy shows what an ignorant hedgehog he is. By the end of it, Peter is very frustrated and walks off in a huff!

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