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These are UNSCRIPTED comedy videos featuring stuffed animals / plushies as the characters.

In the latest of our unscripted comedy videos Celia the Seal Plush has a rather suprising proposition for Growler the plush polar bear… she wants to give him a blow job!?

But she cant mean what we think she does? CAN SHE?!?

Watch as poor Growler questions Celia about her new found career… apparently she gets paid… in TEA?! And she’s been giving Freddy ‘blow jobs’ at school!! Growler of course is a little taken aback by the sudden proposition and news that the young girl is doing such things… can it really be true?

Stuffed Productions is an Unscripted British Comedy Series based around stuffed animals/ plush animals as puppets/characters in our WTF Funny Videos. We produce at least four unscripted comedy stuffed animal videos each month, with an ongoing storyline and stand alone sketch videos – theirs something for everyone to enjoy. Over ten main characters with a raft of supporting characters too theres a wide variety of comedy, satire and humor for all ages and creeds.

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Our unscripted comedy videos are suitable for all ages – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

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