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Its time for an episode of BBC Gardener’s World 2019!! …. Or is it? It seems similar at first, it even has Monty, the enigmatic, British Gardener who rose to fame hosting Garderners World – but its not Monty Don! No, its Monty the Hedgehog!!

Monty has a problem… an invasion of Weeds!! So this episode of ‘Garderners World’ is centered around Monty’s ‘War On Weeds‘ that he is undertaking now that Spring is upon us. He wants to prepare the garden ready for planting, but some unwanted interlopers have taken over his beds and lawn!

Monty decides to fall back on his military training to deal with the situation and lays out a 5 stage plan of attack.

Phase 1 – Negotiation
Phase 2 – Airstrikes
Phase 3 – Ground Assault
Phase 4 – Chemical Weapons
Phase 5 – Scorched Earth Policy.

Will Monty be successful in his campaign against the weeds? Is this really an episode of BBC Garderners World? Are the BBC going to sue us for parodying their program? Who knows! Subscribe and you might find out!

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