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Responding to this video from the Paw Patrole YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xIOBiW89YqI
Check out the videos paw patrol have on their YouTube.

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, Come In Paw Patrol. An urgent message from Monty! He has some news regarding the recent episode of BBC Gardener’s World 2019 (a spoof) that we released recently. In the episode we saw Monty (But not the Monty Don who you might expect from Gardeners World! Instead its Monty the hedgehog!) dealing with an invasion of weeds that had sprung up in his Garden.

Monty appears to be in big trouble! He has some very important news about the plants… They dont like being burnt!! Paw Patrol sent Monty a concerned message regarding his technique for dealing with the invasive plants… and warned him that you shouldnt burn plants because they are our friends… But Monty has some important news… They arent your friends! They are KILLER PLANTS!!! As the message distorts through the poor uplink to the Stuffed Productions satellite we see the plants slowly surround Monty as he frantically tries to get the message out and warn the world about the plants true intentions.

The previous episode of Gardeners World took a rather obscure turn when he started resorting to some quite unconventional means to deal with the problem. Monty’s solution? A ‘War on Weeds’ employing all of his knowledge and experience from his time in the Army.

Where did the Plants come from? Are they plants from space? Are they really Killer plants?? What will happen to Monty? Will our video get to Paw Patrol’s YouTube?

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