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104 BEING AN ADULT IS HARD – Funny Teddy Bear Fails – Comedy Series Teddy Bears

Enjoy this latest Teddy Bear comedy video featuring your favourite comedy Teddy Bears, Big Ted and Fred!

Fred is learning quickly that BEING AN ADULT IS HARD! In this Funny Teddy Bear Fails video. In a previous episode of our teddy bear comedy series Fred decided that he wanted to be independent from his rather over bearing (get it? over-bear-ing..) father Big Ted. Rather unexpectadly Big Ted agreed to let little Fred look after himself (in the hope it would teach him a better understanding of the responsibility of being an adult). Fred too being an adult for the first time as an opportunity to finally spread his wings, but quickly found that trying to be an adult is much more complicated than he first thought. Its not long before everything is going wrong in a series of funny teddy bear fails as Fred goes on a journey of discovering what its like being responsible for the first time.

In this latest episode Fred is determined to finally prove he can do better after the previous attempt at being responsible gone wrong. The Funny Teddy bear decides that paying the bills for the first time would be a good place to start if he wants to truely be responsible for the first time… but it seems that being an adult is hard.. soon the bill is abandoned in pusuit of other ways to prove himself. But again it leads to a series of funny teddy bear fails, especially when his father Big Ted calls leading to hilarious conversation between the two comedy teddy bears.

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