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Pranks With Primani – Plush YouTube Channel – Plush Videos

Primani the Plush Giraffe is back after the great success of the previous Family Friendly Animal Videos that he has appeared in. So much so that we’ve given him his own show!

Introducing ‘Pranks With Primani’ a new family friendly comedy show in which Primani attempts to prank other members of the Stuffed Productions cast, mainly his annoying cousin Bongani!

In this first episode Primani attempts to convince Bongani he has been re-hired on the West End show ‘The Lion King’ in this funny lion king prank video!

Bongani is rather full of himself… and is always trying to cheat the system, get ahead or find a way to turn situations to his favor. Primani knows this all too well (they are cousins after all!) and plays on these traits to pull of this funny prank video. The Stuffed Animal Giraffes first meet in person (although Primani is disguised as a casting agent from the Lion King) and then later again on the phone where Primani convinces Bongani he actually the famous theatre director Andrew Lloyd Webber. Soon Bongani is entirely wrapped up in the Practical Joke and is soon agreeing to fly out to the Serengeti on behalf of the production… a 12 hour flight, followed by a 7 hour bus journey and a bit of a walk!

We hope you enjoy this stuffed animal prank video, you’ll have to watch to see how it all ends in this new prank funny video 2019.

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