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Its another installment from you favorite Comedy Web Series on YouTube! Stuffed Productions!

But whats happened? It looks like Growler has had a horrible accident! He’s broken his leg!!

But don’t worry! Dr Miles and his very…umm.. ‘enthusiastic’ nurse Julian are here to help…how much of help is to be seen though. It quickly becomes evident that Dr Miles is the WORST DOCTOR EVER! In fact he’s such a bad doctor its funny!

First he completely mistakes which of Growler’s legs is the broken one! Checking all other areas of his body before finally finding the rather obvious injury! The funny bad doctor then begins prodding and poking poor Growler’s painful leg doing his ‘investigations’ before declaring that the leg is in fact… broken! Something that Growler already knew!

The worst doctor ever continuous his terrible medical practices deciding that a strong course of antibiotics will help heal the broken limb.. (which of course is only used for infections!) the funny bad doctor begins listing a variety of obscure, extreme and over the top solutions and remedies to Growlers rather mundane and routine issue.

If you think Dr Miles is a funny bad doctor you’ll be even more amused by his rather over enthusiastic nurse… Julian! If Miles is the worst doctor ever then Julian has to be the worst nurse ever! But you’ll have to watch the video to find out how things ends.

Stuffed Productions is a Comedy Web Series YouTube channel based around stuffed animals as puppets/characters in the show. We produce new family friendly comedy videos each week, with an ongoing storyline and stand alone sketch videos – theirs something for everyone in our comedy web series. Over ten main characters with a raft of supporting characters too there’s a wide variety of comedy, satire and humor for all ages and creeds.

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Our comedy videos are family friendly – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

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