Bongani the Giraffe Plush! He’s arrogant, lazy, self absorbed and SO vain! Checkout some of his highlights from the last year!

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S02E10 – Bongani The Giraffe PlushFunny Plush Videos

Bongani the Giraffe Plush is one of the oldest members of the Stuffed Productions cast. The little giraffe first appeared in Episode 02 (our second ever video) as the arrogant, aloof and self interested diva that everyone has come to know and love.

Bongani is lazy, self interested and impossible to please. On top of this, his ridiculous aspirations and expectations often lead to awkward, unexpected and hilarious consequences! The Plush Giraffe has appeared in more of our funny plush videos than any other character on the show!

In this video, Growler the Polar Bear plush interviews Bongani the Giraffe plush regarding his past year here at Stuffed Productions. Bongani seems to have more of a ‘rose tinted’ perspective of his past year, which leads to some funny moments when Growler corrects the Giraffes rather biased memories.

Growler reminds Bongani of the time he took over the channel as ‘the chairman’ – a role that he promptly abused, adapted and finally abandoned after realizing how much actual work and responsibility was involved! He then disappeared after arranging a very expensive ‘team building’ getaway (a holiday).

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Our unscripted Funny Plush Videos are suitable for all ages – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

S02E10 – Bongani The Giraffe PlushFunny Plush Videos

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