In part 2 of this exclusive interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Peter questions Boris over his new covid-19 ‘Stay Alert, Stay Safe’ message and the confustion the stay alert campaign has created. Boris clears up the confustion with a recap of the Stay Alert message and the new rules. Also, Boris gives Peter some exclusive information regarding his new ‘Coronavirus Extermination Task Force’.

Whilst this political comedy video is intended to be funny, Coronavirus (covid-19) is a very serious issue. We hope our video can provide a little comic relief in these unsettled and stressful times. Please consider donating to the charities supporting those suffering from the coronavirus (covid-19) or the subsequent upheaval and stresses it has caused across the world.

This is a work of fiction and we have no affiliation with Boris Johnson or the UK Government.

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Boris Johnson Coronavirus Update On UK Covid-19 ‘Stay Alert’

Join our hedgehog host for Part 2 of this exclusive interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the recent updates to the UK governments coronavirus update and covid-19 stay alert campaign.

Boris is quick to reiterate the new covid-19 advice and the ‘stay alert’ message after Peter questions why some people might be confused over the new stay alert, stay safe message. Hoowever, Peter ends up even more confused as Boris appears to continually contradict himself.

After the baffling ‘clarification’ over the Stay Alert message, discussions divert to the other coronavirus updates from Boris and the UK Government, including some exclusive new advice on how to deal with coronavirus on public transport. Boris also discusses his plans to restructure the UK army and his new ‘coronavirus extermination task force’.

Stuffed Productions is a British Comedy Series based around stuffed animals as puppets/characters in the show. We produce two funny animal videos a week, with an ongoing storyline and stand alone sketch videos – theirs something for everyone. These short funny animal videos (or at least that’s the intention) are created for an audience of 13+ but do contain some more adult themes at times.

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